Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
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Toronto Ontario Rainwater Harvesting for Toilets and Laundry 

Hidden Rainwater Tank

Can you spot the rainwater tank ?  It is built into the deck and is colored brown. The inlet and overflow are connected with discrete flexible hose. 

Multiple Gutters 

By re-routing gutters and down pipes the entire house drains to this front downspout. This system collects all the water in an exterior tank and then pumps it into an secondary holding tank in the house. 

Professional Rainwater Design

A detailed rainwater design properly integrates your home or building with our rainwater harvesting system.   This rainwater system is used to supply one toilet and one laundry machine. 

Exterior Rainwater Tank

The exterior rainwater tank collects all the rainwater from the pref-filter device and if the tank becomes full it overflows the additional rainwater to the grass in front of the house. 

Interior Rainwater Tank

The interior tank will receive rainwater from the exterior rainwater through a small sump pump in the exterior tank.  The rainwater control system will ensure the interior rainwater tank never overflows and always has water. 

Control System

The rainwater control system will control the exterior tank sump pump and only pump rainwater when there is empty space in the interior rainwater tank.  The control system will add city water to the interior rain tank if it becomes to empty in the winter when there is no rain. This provide a continuous seamless transition between rainwater and city water.