Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
"Manufacturing and Installing Rainwater and Storm Water Systems Across Canada Since 2012"
  • Commercial Rainwater and Storm Water Systems

    Design, Build and Maintain

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting and Storm Water Management


Design and Engineering

Complete designs and engineering for storm water management and rainwater harvesting, 

Supply and Manufacture

We manufacture complete rainwater system.  Cleanflo is a UL Listed industrial panel shop.

Installation and Project Management

Integrating a rainwater or storm water system can be complex, we can help assist in varying capacities.

Maintenance and Support

Annual maintenance programs, remote monitoring and 24 emergency response. 

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2021 Product Offering 

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Turn-Key Rainwater Harvesting and Storm Water Systems

What is Commercial Rainwater / Storm Water Harvesting

is fresh precipitation from the sky that has not touched a ground surfaces. A roof surface maintains the rainwater quality.

Storm Water

is rainwater from a rainfall event that has touched the ground surface and unmanaged at the source. This water must be managed further down the flow path by storm water systems.

Cleanflo rainwater harvesting system proactively limit contaminants by utilizing the preventative approach to water supply.   This is accomplished by limiting initial contaminants in the rain water or source water.  Compared to the current avenue to water treatment of retroactively removing contaminants from the source water (i.e. well, lake, river or pond).   Using the proactive preventive approach, rainwater becomes far less expensive than other water sources because it is much easier to treat and does not need to be moved large distances. Cleanflo rainwater harvesting systems can supply 100% of your water needs for minimal ongoing costs. 

Rainwater Harvesting is two separate technologies working together.

1. Rainwater/ Storm Water Collection

The process of collecting rainwater from roof tops and storing in a rainwater tank for re-use. The Process of collecting storm water from ground surfaces and detaining or retaining for re-use.

1. Rainwater / Storm Water Re-use

The process and technology of re-using stored rainwater or storm water by using pumps, filtration, sanitation and automation controls.