Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
"Manufacturing and Installing Rainwater and Storm Water Systems Across Canada Since 2012"
  • Residential Rainwater Harvesting

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Residential Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Services in Canada


 Full design and Engineering services for storm water and rainwater harvestingsystems.  

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We manufacture in Canada a complete line of rainwater harvesting and storm water systems.

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We have multiple options to provide a professional installation of your storm water or rainwater harvesting system. 
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We offer maintenance services for both storm water and rainwater harvesting systems. 

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Rainwater Uses


Rainwater is a good source of water for plants with no chlorine and is naturally soft with a neutral pH. 

Non - Potable (Toilet / Laundry)

Save money and reduce water bills up to 70%.

Potable Drinking

Rainwater is one of the cleanest and purest source of water, making it more cost effective to treat than other water types. 

Alternative to Well

Drilling a well is a GAMBLE !  Rainwater harvesting can supply all your water needs.  Many homeowners are choosing to use rainwater harvesting as their sole source of water!

​Rainwater Harvesting is two separate technologies working together! 

What is a Rainwater Harvesting System ? 

1. Rainwater Collection

The process of collecting rainwater from a roof surface and storing the rainwater in a rainwater tank (as pictured above, above ground or below ground tanks). 

Complete line of Plug N Play Engineered Rainwater Collection Systems

2. Rainwater Reuse

The process and technologies used for pumping and filtering rainwater so the stored rainwater can be re-used safely. 

Complete line of Plug N Play Engineered Rainwater Reuse Systems

Cleanflo WT manufactures both technologies. 

1. Rainwater Collection Systems

Never Clean Tanks

RainSeeker tanks NEVER need to be cleaned with our updated technology.  

Pre - Filtration

RainSeeker system incorporates self-cleaning 3 in 1 "Basket-less" technology which includes: .

First Flush, Prefilter, Aeration

Internal System

Integrated internal components GUARANTEE your stored rainwater stays "Safe, Fresh and Clean!"

Ready To Install

RainSeeker systems are designed to be integrated with Canadian homes, cabins and buildings. 

Packaged Rainwater Collection Systems

RainSeeker Systems are shipped ready to install.  Simply connect to your roof by integrating the RainSeeker with your home, cabin or building. 

Suitable For:

    1. Irrigation 
    2. Toilets Flushing and Laundry
    3. Drinking Potable Water (Alternative to Well)

Plug N' Play Systems

RainSeeker systems are out-of-the-box Pre-Engineered rainwater collection systems.  Saving you time and money! 

Installation Steps -  Simple as 1 - 2 - 3:

  1. Place tank
  2. Connect to roof, gutters and down pipes
  3. Connect Tank to the Vida RainReuse System

Trusted Across Canada (popular choice)

RainSeekers are trusted by homeowners and professionals across Canada such as architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and homeowners.   Our Canadian manufactured systems are deigned for use in Canada.  Understand first hand why RainSeeeker is the popular choice in Canada.  

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Maintaince FREE Technology

RainSeeker tanks NEVER need to be cleaned.  Due to the innovative technology our rainwater tanks never need to be cleaned. 

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Above Ground RainSeeker Tank Types

Vertical - Poly

Most common rainwater tank type, most cost effective.   Made of food grade Polyethylene and manufactured in Canada

Slim Line - Poly

Slim width of only 30 inches, fits through standard door way and fences. Made of food grade Polyethylene and manufactured in Canada

Low Profile - Poly

Short height of only 24" fits under decks and crawls spaces. Made of food grade Polyethylene and manufactured in Canada

Vertical - Metal

Constructed of metal and food grade water liner.  A structural rainwater collection tank available in sizes from 1000 gallon to over 50,000 gallons 

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Below Ground RainSeeker Tank Types

Black - Poly

Most common and cost effective underground rainwater tank.  

Available in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces. Made of food grade Polyethylene and manufactured in USA.  NSF 61 Approved for drinking.

Green - Poly

Most common and cost effective underground rainwater tank.  

Available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Made of food grade Polyethylene and manufactured in Canada. CSA Approved for drinking.


Built to order rainwater collection Tanks.  Fiberglass tanks provide a large storage capacity in a single tank. Made of food grade Fiberglass and manufactured in Canada.  CSA / NSF 61 Approved for drinking.


Concrete rainwater collection tanks are manufactured close to the project site. Concrete tanks are manufactured in Canada.  Due to the weight of the tank it is best to have the delivery truck place the tank in the ground.

2. Rainwater Re-Use Systems

Complete Solution

Plug and Play ready to use rainwater re-use systems. 





Systems designed specifically for irrigation, with options to integrate with automatic irrigation systems. 

Non Potable

Systems designed specifically to integrate with your interior plumbing system.  Option for automatic switch over from rain to city water.

Potable Drinking (Alternative to a Well)

System designed specifically to produce safe clean drinking water.  Providing constant pressure exceeding standard city water experience!

Simple Rainwater Pumps and Filters

The basic Vida Rain Re-use Systems are simple rainwater pumps with a optional sediment filter to protect your irrigation equipment. 

Irrigation Integration Rainwater Re-use System 

Integrate your rainwater system with your irrigation system with an automatic switch over to city water when the rain tank is empty.  Prioritizes rainwater over city water to maximize water savings.   Several enclosure options: 

1) Plastic Box

2) Wooden Box

2) Cedar Box

3) Mounted on a Steel Base

Non-Potable Rainwater Re-use System (Toilets / Laundry)

Designed for toilets, laundry, irrigation, car wash, etc.  

- Auto switch over to city water with Air Gap
- On demand Pump
- Filtration for rainwater 
- Smart Touch Rain Controller 
    - Provides exact volume of rain in tank (l/g)
    - 60 day tank level history
    - Rain collected history
    - Rain used history
    - And more


    Vida Rainwater Appliance

    Potable Drinking Rainwater Re-use System (Alternative to a Well)

    Designed for all your water needs.  Drinking, Bathing, Cooking, Toilet, Laundry, Irrigation, etc.  

    - Auto switch over to city or well water with Air Gap 
    - Variable Frequency Drive Pump
    - Energy efficient and Silent
    - Triple Stage Filtration for Rainwater
    - NSF 55 Class A - Ultra Violet Sanitation
    - Performance Based Monitoring 
    - Shuts off system if water becomes Unsafe
    - Smart Touch Rain Controller 

    - Provides exact volume of rain in tank (l/g)

    - 60 day tank level history

    - Rain collected history

    - Rain used history

    - And more

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    ​Installation - Three (3) Options:

    Your Builder or Trades

    Using our documentation and technical drawings any bonafide sub-contractor can install our system. 

    Authorized Installer

    Cleanflo can install your rainwater harvesting system using one of our authorized installers. 

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    Supervisor Onsite

    Cleanflo supervisor onsite to provide technical support and installation guidance.

    We are there to help.

    ​Design and Engineering 

    A Few Words About Design

    We offer professional design and consulting services for rainwater harvesting systems on residential projects. We specialize in rainwater harvesting systems that are used for irrigation, toilet, laundry, potable drinking water, fire suppression and storm water management
    Our goal is to design a rainwater system that both efficiently collects rainwater and that can be installed within your budget!   We can meet any design requirements and overcome any roadblocks that your project may face.

    Too often rainwater harvesting systems are either not designed or under designed. In those cases,  it’s put on the builder or contractor to figure out the design and installation!  This process may result in cost overruns or even cutting the rainwater harvesting system from the project altogether from improper planning. 

    Who Uses This Service? 

    • Anyone who needs a “tender ready” rainwater design package to get quotes from a builder or contractor.  

    • Purchasers who need to determine an installation process - Cleanflo can provide or support installation.

    • Homeowners who are building a new house!  Our designs will makes sure the system meets local building codes and is properly integrated into your house/property. 

    • Architects and Engineers who are designing a rainwater harvesting system into their project can get complete designs and specifications.

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    Drinking Water Rainwater

    Rainwater is one of the purest forms of water.   Making it cost effective to treat and ensure it is safe for drinking.   With a properly deisgn and insatlled rainwater harvesting you can be sure your rainwater is safe for you and your family. 

    Six Step to Rainwater Harvesting

    The Six main stages to Rainwater Harvesting

    The six stages of rainwater harvesting:

    1. Catch the water – Clean Flo uses rooftop-harvesting systems, as they are the most widely used; easy to construct and maintain; and, the most affordable system available.

    2. Conveyance – Water is transported from the roof to the tank via gutters and pipes.

    3. Pre-filter – Pre-filters are designed to remove larger debris and particles present in the rainwater when it first comes off the roof. 

    4. Tank – Tanks vary in size and style including the following options: above/below ground, slim line next to a house, and larger scale located away from buildings or property.

    5. Pump – Pumps are optional on DIY systems and vary in size depending on the system.

    6. Treatment – The water is treated depending on the end use (i.e. outdoor, laundry/toilet flushing, or potable/drinking).


    Clean Flo is proud to offer its customers a variety of solutions from simple residential garden systems to large commercial multi-tank underground systems.

    Information About Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater Harvesting Information

    Rainwater can be harvested and stored for a variety of uses in residential, commercial and agricultural settings. It is a renewable, sustainable, high quality and free water source available to anyone. Almost pH neutral and free of additives, rainwater provides cleaner water than that obtained from groundwater sources. 

    Given this, rainwater is an ideal replacement for or supplement to conventional treated municipal water or well water. Filtered rainwater has a variety of uses, and depending on how it is filtered and treated, it can be used for outdoor irrigation, for indoor laundry and toilet flushing, and finally for drinking and cooking.

    Harvesting rainwater has a number of economic and environmental benefits, including:

    • Saving a lot of money on water and energy bills as demand for treated water from the municipal water supply is reduced significantly and the need to use energy to pump water also decreases. (Up to a 50% saving on water bills);

    • Convenience – no hauling required;

    • Water is naturally soft and chlorine free;

    • Conserving water;

    • No water shortages;


    Clean Flo designs and installs small to large-scale rainwater harvesting systems.  A rainwater harvesting system is essentially a large-scale rain barrel that is integrated right into a building’s infrastructure. These systems are built to code (local, provincial and national).

    Professional consultation, support and customer service are available throughout the entire process to ensure you are comfortable with your new system.

    Imagine if you could replace a significant amount of the water used in your home or business by harvesting rainwater – a free and readily available source of water – instead of paying to pump and use municipally treated water or hauling water over long distances? Clean Flo Water Technologies are experts in rainwater harvesting and can help you do just that.

    Clean Flo specializes in designing and installing innovative and proven products specifically engineered for rainwater harvesting in residential and commercial settings. These systems, which are pre-designed and tender ready, can be incorporated into a new build or retrofitted into an existing building for a variety of uses (outdoor, toilet flushing/laundry, potable). 

    Clean Flo manages the entire process, from consultation to design to installation.  This process includes a complete site analysis to determine the best system for the desired use, as well as the recommended tank and pump sizes.

    System designs are based on end use and newly released Canada Safety Association (CSA) Standards:

    1. Outdoor (irrigation) – no sterilization required (CSA R1)

    2. Indoor Limited (toilet flushing, laundry) – moderately sterilized (CSA R2 & R3)

    3. Potable (drinking water) –  (CSA R4)

    As these large rainwater harvesting systems are integrated right into a building’s infrastructure, they are considered mechanical systems and require multiple building permits (electrical, plumbing, structural, etc.).  Clean Flo takes care of supplying the required engineered drawings for permitting purposes. These drawings can be purchased in conjunction with a system, or by engineers, architects and other design professionals as stand-alone documents.  Complete system drawings can then be worked directly into project plans.

    The Clean Flo team can also incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria into rainwater harvesting projects and can maximize LEED points related to rainwater harvesting and storm water management.  They also provide support for clients desiring green building credits through the LEED program by incorporating credits under the following criteria:

    • Water use reduction

    • Innovative wastewater technology

    • Storm water design; quality control

    • Water efficiency; landscaping

    • Innovation in design

    Not only does Clean Flo have years of experience working with architects, engineers and other design professionals, the team is experienced and educated in water resource engineering technology and are accredited American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association professionals. 


    • Save money on water and energy bills and water hauling;

    • Chlorine free;

    • Naturally soft;

    • Conserves water - commercial rainwater harvesting systems have a greater impact due to volume gathering capabilities of large roof.