Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
"Manufacturing and Installing Rainwater and Storm Water Systems Across Canada Since 2012"

Vancouver Rainwater Harvesting (Rain Collection) 
Turn Key Solution 

Vancouver Endowment Lands

This new home build incorporated a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation.  This system will integrate with the automatic irrigation system. It includes an automatic switch over to city water when then rain tank is empty. 


This detailed design integrated CWFT rainwater system with the home.  This allows the builder or contractor to easy and successfully install our system.   Additionally we provide engineering when required by the building department.  


 We manufacture rainwater harvesting systems in Canada called the RainSeeker Rainwater Collection System.  Our  systems are used everywhere in Canada and trusted by architects, engineers, developers and builders.


Rainwater Harvesting systems can require extensive excavation in order to install an underground system.  These excavations can uncover unknown objects.  Can you find the large concrete piece that was found in this excavation?  We can handle the entire project.


Installation of a rainwater harvesting system requires multiple disciplines or skill sets.   Cleanflo Water Technologies has over 10 years experience installing rainwater harvesting systems.  This installation took place over 3 days.  The tank is bedded in "birds eye" or "pea gravel" to provide structural support for the tank underground.