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Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
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Kingston Ontario Drinking Water System for Tiny Home

Tiny Home Rainwater System

Our rainwater harvesting system for this tiny home connects to any solar system and battery bank.   Drinking clean, fresh and safe rainwater with our plug and play systems.   This Tiny Home is 100% off grid and about 45 minutes outside Kingston Ontario.

Down Pipe

PVC pipe that is rated for drinking water.  This will ensure the rainwater is safe to drink.  The down pipe transition to underground piping uses a flexible connection.  This will allow flex between the house and ground to prevent the PVC pipe from breaking. 


The excavation for the installation of the underground piping and rainwater collection tank.required about 15 hours of continuous digging and back filling.  Installing a rainwater harvesting system requires multiple disciplines or skill sets to properly install.  

Rainwater Tank Placement

The rainwater tank is placed on a level pad of gravel 9 feet under ground.  Next the rainwater tank is bedded in gravel.  Then the pre-filter and underground piping is connected and back filled with gravel. In this picture rainwater is coming from the roof in the bottom left corner of the picture and entering the large black cylinder, this is a rainwater 3 in 1 pre-filter.   The rainwater is directed into the rainwater tank. In the top center, the rainwater is exiting the system into a infiltration gallery when the rainwater tank is full and overflowing. 

Rainwater Tank Backfill

The rainwater tank is back-filled to grade.  the three objects emerging from the ground are: the tank manway 24" access, the 24" access for the pre-filter, and the 4" tank vent pipe / clean out.

Vida Rainwater Re-use System

Our simple plug and play solution for pumping, triple stage filtration, UV disinfection, and the UL listed control panel.   Smart Touch Rain will provide exact liters or gallons of rainwater in the tank.  With a 60 day history you can monitor water use closely.  This system is connected to a solar system and can operate directly on a DC or AC power supply.