Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
Rainwater Harvesting / Storm Water Manufacture Canada
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Calgary Alberta Rainwater Harvesting Used For Irrigation

Simple and Clean

This simple single downspout system uses a 1350 L rainwater tank.  By re-sloping the gutters this rainwater system will collect water off this entire half of the house. 

Self Cleaning Pre-Filter

This single 3-in-1 inline downspout filter provides safe clean rainwater.  It provides a first flush, filtration and aeration in a single device.   This pre-filter is self-cleaning and requires maintenance one to three time each year.   The filter is stainless steel. 

Effective Drainage 

Our rainwater systems provide safe and effective drainage of  rainwater overflow when the tank is full.  This will ensure our system prevents foundation and basement flooding by managing your rainwater properly.