Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of retaining, diverting, and processing rainwater for a number of uses. Read More

Septic Systems

Plastic and Fiberglass tanks are commonly used in residential, commercial or agricultural applications for safe Read More 

Water Storage Tank

All of our polyethylene tanks are manufactured by Norwesco in Canada! They are rugged, corrosion resistant Read More

About Us

With the 30 years of experience Clean-Flo brings to the table, Clean-Flo markets rainwater harvesting and waste water products for residential and commercial clients who need to conserve water. From supplying high quality products needed for a job that is planned; to planning, designing, and consulting on an entire project to meet the specifications required by you. The relationships Clean-Flo maintains with all industry innovators allows Clean-Flo to provide your project, from start to finish, the best products on the market for a truly complete, sustainable system that you can have confidence in.

With their long history Clean-Flo has in the rainwater harvesting industry Clean-Flo has achieved accreditation with ARCSA(American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association). Clean-Flo provides an accredited team of Rainwater Harvesting Professionals available to provide you online support, to produce rendered drawings for customized systems, if you want to do-it-yourself Clean-Flo offers pre-designed rainwater harvesting systems that fit seamlessly into existing structures, or Clean-Flo can help take the guesswork out of picking the right pieces for the project you have in mind.

Clean-Flo is dedicated to implementing green or sustainable technology whenever it can. Rainwater is a completely free offset on municipal water mains which can actually pay for itself completely and reduce the environmental footprint for everyone, forever. Rainwater is substantially cleaner than water obtained from groundwater sources allowing it to be used in home systems with proportionately less filtration or cleaning technology. Harvested rainwater can be used in irrigation, flushing toilets, washing machines, and as drinking water, all for free from mother earth.

Whether a simple garden system at a residential home or a multi-tank underground system. Whatever your needs are, Clean-Flo can assess the project, provide an adequate understanding of each system component, and educate you about your system every step of the way.

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