Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the process of retaining, diverting, and processing rainwater for a number of uses.

Septic Systems

Fiberglass tanks are commonly used in residential, commercial or agricultural septic applications.

Water Storage Tank

All of our polyethylene tanks are manufactured in Canada! They are rugged, corrosion resistant

About Us

Our mission is to provide rainwater management solutions for the community and dedicated to providing our Canadian customers with water conservation designs and technology.

Clean-Flo Rainwater Management

  • locally owned and operated rainwater management company.
  • was originally founded in 1985 and located in Regina Saskatchewan.
  • products and services available to customers across Canada.
  • supplies and installs both residential and commercial rainwater harvesting and septic systems, water and septic tanks and water treatment systems.
  • design complete rainwater harvesting systems
  • stamped system designs are available where required
  • maintains relationships with industry innovators allowing Clean-Flo to provide your project, from start to finish, with the best products on the market for a truly complete, sustainable system.
  • achieved accreditation with ARCSA(American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association)

Rainwater harvesting:

  • can completely offset use of municipal water mains for substantial cost-saving reduce the environmental footprint
  • provides cleaner water than water obtained from groundwater sources can be used with proportionately less filtration or cleaning technology.
  • harvested rainwater can be used in irrigation, flushing toilets, washing machines, and as drinking water, all for free from mother earth.
  • popular in urban settings around the world to reduce water demand and increase the use of natural source water
  • rainwater is almost neutral in PH and is free from additives.

Our commitment to you:

  • Clean-Flo Rainwater Management can assess the project, provide an adequate understanding of each system component, and educate you about your system every step of the way.
  • Clean-Flo Rainwater Management provides a large selection of rain barrels and rain barrel accessories for you to choose from
  • Clean-Flo Rainwater Management can help choose a rain barrel or tank that fits into your yard setting and has enough storage for your application.
  • Clean-Flo Rainwater Management has the solutions for you whether a simple garden system at a residential home or a large commercial multi-tank underground system.
  • Clean-Flo Rainwater Management believes that water use and conservation are of great importance in our contemporary world. Freshwater supplies are reduced due to contamination and used for non-essential applications.

Start harvesting rainwater today

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Case Studies
Research Study On Rainwater Harvesting

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has released their finding of widespread rainwater harvesting.

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Rainwater Quality and Performance 

Thesis by Christopher J. Despins - Examining the capacity for large scale rainwater harvesting.  

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Social Acceeptability of Cisterns in Residential Use

Thesis by Julia Fortier - Examining the social acceptability of cisterns for rainwater harvesting in residential use. 

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